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Interface TransactionHandler

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public interface TransactionHandler

Implemented by classes that customize transaction operations.

Applications that need to control a database transaction's lifecycle can implement this interface to provide a non-standard transaction handler for DBTransaction instances. TransactionHandler is called by the DBTransaction to support multiple platforms, such as EJB, LOCAL, VB (Visibroker), 8i (Oracle8i), and CORBA. Customizations to the transaction processing, if any, should be done by providing a subclass of DBTransactionImpl.

The TransactionHandler interface provides the abstraction for all these platforms. Application developers should never use the TransactionHandler interface directly.

JDeveloper 3.0
See Also:
DBTransactionImpl, DBTransaction

Method Summary
 void begin()
 void handleClose(java.sql.Connection c)
          Terminates the transaction.
 void handleCommit(java.sql.Connection c, boolean autoStart)
          Commits changes to the database.
 void handleOpen(java.sql.Connection conn)
          Initializes the transaction.
 void handleRollback(java.sql.Connection c, boolean autoStart)
          Discards changes to the database.

Method Detail


public void begin()


public void handleOpen(java.sql.Connection conn)
Initializes the transaction.


public void handleCommit(java.sql.Connection c,
                         boolean autoStart)
Commits changes to the database.


public void handleRollback(java.sql.Connection c,
                           boolean autoStart)
Discards changes to the database.


public void handleClose(java.sql.Connection c)
Terminates the transaction.

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