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Class ConnectionPoolManagerFactory


public class ConnectionPoolManagerFactory
extends java.lang.Object

A factory for creating instances of the designated ConnectionPoolManager implementation. This factory returns an instance of the ConnectionPoolManager class that is declared in the Business Components for Java property, jbo.ConnectionPoolManager.

Business Components for Java provides a default connection pool manager, ConnectionPoolManagerImpl, that will be loaded if a custom connection pool manager has not been specified. As an example, here is a source file for ConnectionPoolManagerImpl.

The connection pool manager reference in the connection pool factory is a static, singleton. Resetting the connection pool manager after it has been initialized is currently not supported.

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Method Summary
static ConnectionPoolManager getConnectionPoolManager()
          Creates instances of a designated implementation of the ConnectionPoolManager interface.
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Method Detail


public static ConnectionPoolManager getConnectionPoolManager()
Creates instances of a designated implementation of the ConnectionPoolManager interface.

For example:

   // Get a connection pool manager instance
   // from the connection pool manager factory
      ConnectionPoolManager connectionPoolManager =

One implementation of ConnectionPoolManager is provided in this package, the source file ConnectionPoolManagerImpl. This user-defined implementation, can be specified by setting the jbo.ConnectionPoolManager property in the file or -Djbo.ConnectionPoolManager in the JDeveloper IDE.

instances of a connection pool manager object.

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