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Interface DomainInterface

All Known Subinterfaces:
BlobDomainInterface, MutableDomainInterface
All Known Implementing Classes:
Array, Char, Number, Raw, Ref, RowID, Sequence, SQLValue, Date, DateDomain, NullValue, SQLValueImpl, SequenceImpl

public interface DomainInterface

Implemented by domain classes to save data to, and extract data from, a domain class.

Domain classes extend or encapsulate Oracle SQL datatypes. Domain objects can be converted to the standard JDBC data types.

JDevloper 3.0
See Also:
TypeFactory, JboDomainValidator

Method Summary
 java.lang.Object getData()
          Internal: Applications should not use this method.
 void setContext(DomainOwnerInterface owner, Transaction trans, java.lang.Object ctx)
          Internal: Applications should not use this method.

Method Detail


public java.lang.Object getData()
Internal: Applications should not use this method.

Returns the value in the format that is acceptable to the database.

For domain classes based on oracle.sql.* classes, this method returns a Datum object. For domains based on java.lang types such as String, the value-holder object that is passed to JDBC is returned.

a formatted value object.


public void setContext(DomainOwnerInterface owner,
                       Transaction trans,
                       java.lang.Object ctx)
Internal: Applications should not use this method.

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