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Packages that use StructureDef
oracle.jbo Contains interfaces for client-side applications. 
oracle.jbo.common Contains the implementation of components shared by thin clients and the middle tier. 
oracle.jbo.domain The oracle.jbo.domain.* classes, also known as the "JBO Oracle Domains", provide lightweight wrappers for the Java representation of the Oracle data types (that is, the oracle.sql.* classes). 
oracle.jbo.server Contains the implementation of middle tier components. 

Uses of StructureDef in oracle.jbo

Subinterfaces of StructureDef in oracle.jbo
 interface ViewObject
          Defines the presentation of the Entity Objects selected by an SQL statement.

Uses of StructureDef in oracle.jbo.common

Classes in oracle.jbo.common that implement StructureDef
 class StructureDefHelper
          Internal: Applications should not use this class.

Uses of StructureDef in oracle.jbo.domain

Classes in oracle.jbo.domain that implement StructureDef
 class DomainStructureDef

Methods in oracle.jbo.domain that return StructureDef
abstract  StructureDef Struct.getStructureDef()
          Returns the structure definition, that describes the details of the attributes, of this domain.

Uses of StructureDef in oracle.jbo.jbotester

Methods in oracle.jbo.jbotester with parameters of type StructureDef
static AttributeDef[] JboTesterUtil.getDisplayableAttributes(StructureDef sDef)

Uses of StructureDef in oracle.jbo.server

Classes in oracle.jbo.server that implement StructureDef
 class EJBEntityDefImpl
(package private)  class oracle.jbo.server.ViewDefImpl
          The ViewDefImpl is the base class for all generated ViewDefImpl classes.
 class ViewObjectImpl
          The implementation of the ViewObject interface, the middle-tier class that manages database queries and the view rows that result from executing queries.

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