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Class RowInconsistentException


public class RowInconsistentException
extends JboException

Thrown if inconsist data is detected when locking a row. When an application causes a row to be locked the framework retrieves its data from the database table and checks if it is consistent with the data currently in cache. If it is not, this exception is thrown.

Row consistency can be determined in two ways. First, the application can designate a "change indicator" in the attribte's definition. This is a special attribute, such as a timestamp, which the framework considers a indicator of the status of the rest of the row's data. Alternatively, all the the row's values from the database are compared with the cached values.

Note that even if this exception is thrown, the row will stay locked until the end of transaction.

JDeveloper 3.0
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Constructor Summary
RowInconsistentException(Key key)
Method Summary
 Key getKey()
          Returns the key of the offending row.
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Constructor Detail


public RowInconsistentException(Key key)
Method Detail


public Key getKey()
Returns the key of the offending row.
the key.

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