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Class JboEvent

Direct Known Subclasses:
NavigationEvent, RangeEvent, RowEvent

public class JboEvent
extends java.util.EventObject

The superclass of events in the Business Components for Java framework.

The Business Components framework follows the standard Java/EJB event delegation model for propagating events among middle-tier objects. Publishers (also called senders) generate events, subscribers (also called listeners) respond to them. The framework sends an event from a publisher to a subscriber by passing an event instance to a subscriber method.

The publisher defines the set of events it generates, and associates them with listeners by providing addEventTypeListener methods.

Subscribers implement java.util.EventListener.

JDeveloper 3.0
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Fields inherited from class java.util.EventObject
Constructor Summary
JboEvent(java.lang.Object source)
          Creates an event.
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getSource, toString
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Constructor Detail


public JboEvent(java.lang.Object source)
Creates an event.
source - the publisher of the event.

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