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Class AttributeLoadException


public class AttributeLoadException
extends JboException

Thrown when a value from a JDBC result set cannot be converted into a java type and loaded into an attribute. Conversions are performed by CustomDatumFactory as specified by Oracle's version of JDBC, or by oracle.jbo.domain.TypeFactory.

The original exception thrown inside the factory is provided in the details array, along with the value's result-set index and the value's intended Java type.

This exception can be thrown during any data-fetch operation in the framework, Typically when the SQL type for an attribute does not match the corresponding java type.

JDeveloper 3.0
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Constructor Summary
AttributeLoadException(int index, java.lang.Class javaType, boolean CustomDatum, java.lang.Exception e)
          Constructs a new instance.
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Constructor Detail


public AttributeLoadException(int index,
                              java.lang.Class javaType,
                              boolean CustomDatum,
                              java.lang.Exception e)
Constructs a new instance.
int - index of the attribute-valuein the result-set that failed to load.
Class - Java class of the attribute which failed to load.
boolean - CustomDatum indicates whether this type is a Custom Datum class-type.
Exception - e contains the exception thrown during creation of the attribute-value.

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